Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ohhhhhhh, freak out!

Le freak, c'est chic.

Ok, I admit it, I've been freaking out a little bit, which is kind of why I haven't published a blog post in almost a month. It's been absolutely crazy around here.  We lost the recompete for the project I'm on, I was preparing to roll off, then I got rolled over to be a sub on the new contract, all of my old contract colleagues rolled off, new contract folks have been rolling on, the contract wasn't in place, but then it was.  Then clients rolled off and new ones are coming on.  It's stressful, especially since my project has such a steep learning curve. Quite a few people are speaking without having observed enough.

I have been knitting, though!  And spinning!  I haven't finished a lot of my knitting because a lot of the things I've been working on are larger projects with long repeats. I'm almost done with Amy's blanket, but will be moving right along to Emily's.  I've got a couple of commissions coming down the pike, including some for my friend Stacey's daughter, Kerah.  I was able to quickly hammer out some fingerless gloves for Abbe (recipient of the pink socks).  I had made a similar pair for myself with some leftover grey simply soft and I love them.  They're comfy and airy while still being warm.  I made these out of some leftover Berocco Vintage that I had used to make Kerah a pair of legwarmers.

I finally gave my mom the socks I made her for her birthday.  She loves them and has said she wants to put them in a frame.  I told her that she better wear them and that I could always make her a new pair.

Oh, and last but not least, I'm in the freaking Smithsonian!!!!  My favorite piece is up front, when you first walk up, and I found two of my other pieces on the front side as well.  All in all, I found 5 of my 11 pieces.  I need to go back and look again to see if I can find the rest.  Jennifer said they used all of the pieces in the reef.

I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite de-motivational posters, very pertinent to what I've been dealing with lately: