Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This? or That?

I'd like to introduce a little game I'd like to call:

This game takes mass-produced items and pits them against hand-made versions. Which one is better? You choose! (There are right and wrong answers).

The first one should be easy.  Tell me:
*Adorable nephew not included
Beardo - for hipsters everywhere

Ok, if you answered "THIS," you are correct. It's my version of the "beardo" that can be found on fab and other places. I made it for my nephew. The materials were <$10 and it took me a few hours of work. I was able to custom-attach the beard so that it fits well. Plus, he got the remaining yarn! The price of the Beardo: $39.99 (plus shipping!)(Note: at time of post, it was sold out. You know what's never sold out? Your aunt knitting you something wicked cool!)

Next up, Geeks everywhere love it:
Just like Mama Cobb used to make

NERD!Again, the winner is "THIS!" Fans of Joss Wheedon's tragically short-lived Firefly will recognize the Jayne Cobb hat, sent to the macho man by his dear mum. Not the prettiest hat, but it is quite cunning. From a skein each of red, orange and yellow, I was able to make two adult-sized hats. That meant each hat cost about...$15. My personal-favorite, thinkgeek.com, sells it for $24.99. Theirs? Acrylic. Mine? Cotton. Theirs may be officially licensed, mine comes with a license to be the hero of Canton.
Bonus: one recipient wearing his favorite hat.

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