Friday, September 3, 2010

Are YOU prepared?

Working for a homeland security consulting firm, especially one that has worked on the Spanish site and the site, I wouldn't be a good employee if I didn't remind everyone that September is Emergency Preparedness Month.  The kerfuffle over Hurricane Earl and today's earthquake in New Zealand are reminders that we need to have things in place so that we can respond to emergencies quickly and safely.  I have an emergency "go-kit" for myself and for Rikku.  Mine has protein bars, water, toiletries, first aid kit, all sorts of stuff.  Rikku's has food, water, toys, bowls, leashes, first aid kit, and all sorts of stuff.  I know that if something happens - flood, snow, hurricane, etc - Rikku and I will survive for at least three days, probably more in Rikku's case as she's a great little huntress.


I just got back from vacation in Hatteras, NC on Tuesday, the day before my parents were evacuated from the beach house.  It was a nice little break, complete with the Carriers for a couple days.  I was able to get some sun, and got to stop by Knitting Addiction in Kill Devil Hills on my way home.  My knitting bag came with me and got to see some familiar friends on the way. 
I decided to give a home to some Sockotta, Blue Heron and Sea Star Handpaint sock yarn. 

I was able to start an entrelac hat while I was down there, made with Neighborhood Fiber Company cashmere blend yarn from the fibre girl club.  It came out pretty well, even though it's bright.  If you see a girl in a bright blue, purple and red entrelac hat, it's me!

I was also able to get some headway on my Merlot Vine socks.  They're coming out pretty well and the yarn is striping beautifully.  


  1. You're extra safe over at the condo! I don't think anything, except maybe Armageddon, could take them down!

    We're not prepared...probably should be. I'll add that to the "to do" list over at the Borrowed Abode. :)

    I always worry about how I'd corral the cats in an emergency.

  2. Would be a good thing to do, Jane! I know a couple good websites where you can get supplies if you need them.