Saturday, March 20, 2010

Theme Knitting - Dr. Who

My latest "see what all the fuss is about" focus is the most recent iteration of BBC's Dr. Who.  I'm most of the way through the first season, where the doctor is played by Christopher Eggleston.  There have been some pretty cute knits already - especially a scarf worn by Rose in Boom Town which is a bit reminiscent of my whimsical scarf.   I'm dig the fact that Rose is played by Billie Piper. I didn't realize that she had done a whole lot before Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Before I had seen the show, I had already wanted to knit up Roses Wrist Warmers.  I had casted them on over the summer, but I didn't really know how to knit in the round at that time. I think I will try again.  It's a free pattern, so some of the instructions are a little wonky, but they definitely look cool.

Another cool pattern is the Tardis ipod cozy.  I'm not big on cozies for ipods and such, but this looks like a quick knit and a good quick gift for someone who might be a fan of the show.

As for my works in progress, I have a few rectangle rows to go on my entrelac blanket.  I think I'm going to throw a crochet border on it to make it look more finished. I'm still only halfway through one sleeve on the cardigan for Trish.  This is priority one right now since I'm going to see her next weekend.  I just need to sit and crank through it.  The World Champion sweater is still in hibernation and I think the goal of getting it done before opening day is now out of the question.  The Seraphim shawl is my go-to portable project, the one I take on the metro and to things like the super pet expo (today and tomorrow!!!).  I've got 5 rows of stockinette left, then it starts to get interesting...thankfully.

I need to finish at least two of my current WIPs before starting something else.  My next feat will be socks for my feet. (heh).  And probably Oceane in Berroco Bonsai.

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