Thursday, May 13, 2010

OT: Mean people suck

Another rough week.  I was once again reminded how sucky some people can be, as if I needed another reminder. The latest reminder was on the metro today - go figure. I was standing in front of the metro map (because some jerk kept backing me into the wall) when another guy wanted to see it.  I moved out of the way, then watched as he shook his head in confusion.  I asked if he needed help. Turns out, he and his family were on vacation from Syndey, Australia.  They were trying to get to the Air and Space Museum and the metro staff had been less than helpful (shocker!).  They mentioned that, for the most part, the Americans they ran into were friendly, but that day they had been treated very rudely by a few people, mostly service industry workers.  I was so embarrassed.  Thankfully, I was heading back to L'Enfant Plaza after a meeting and told them they could follow me.  I even put down my knitting so I could help them!  I hope I helped them to enjoy DC a little more.  I guess I don't understand why people are mean and rude.  It takes so much energy to be mean.

Anyway, knitting has been going alright.  For some reason, I've been motivated to knit on my world champ sweater.  I've been getting through the lattice part pretty quickly.  It's a lot more interesting than straight stockinette stitch.  No pictures as of yet, except for this one.

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