Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ooooooh....the weather outside is frightful...

DC has had its second "snowstorm" of the season.  Normally, the inch we got in each event would have devolved Washington DC into an accident causing, ice sliding, bread and toilet paper buying mess.  I've seen it happen many times.  Traffic snarls, schools close, the federal government shuts down.  But since the major Snowpocalypse of December 2009 and the Snowmageddon of February 2010, the city has become desensitized to the cold powdery stuff.  Of course, this means I actually have to clean off my car when it snows.  I have an ice scraper that works pretty well, but it's small.  I have to lean across my car to get the snow and ice off the rear window, effectively coating my front in a layer of snow.  I should really bring a change of clothes for when I scrape off my car.  On the good side, I did get to try out the YakTrax rubberized grippers that you can slide on your shoes to keep from slipping on the ice.  They work really well.  I'm glad I remembered to ask for those for Christmas.

I had been hoping for a snow day because I really like knitting my latest project: Pomatomus socks, designed by Cookie A.  I decided to use some Wollmeise yarn from my friend, Beth, for this pattern.  They're absolutely gorgeous.  They kind of look like fish scales, and the teal/emerald color of the yarn really brings out the pattern.  I've turned the heel on the first one and can't wait to start the second.

Self-patterning pattern.
I frogged the Guitar Man socks I started in the self-patterning yarn I had.  I was quickly running out of yarn, and I wasn't even to the heel of the first sock.  I need to find another pattern that will show off the cool design dyed into the yarn. The basic ribbed sock is an option, but I prefer more intricate patterns. I think the yarn will make great socks for hiking.  I might give them to my sister to wear with her hiking boots.

That is pretty much all I have for today.  I'm going to leave you with this great video I found.  It's pretty old, but still cute.  I will have to show it to my nephew the next time I see him.  He still doesn't believe that there are (male) Marines who knit in the field.  

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