Saturday, February 19, 2011

Putting my feet up

I am going to there.
I really have been delinquent again on my blog-writing. I guess once a month is now a reasonable goal as things continue to be busy. Work is getting much better and personality conflicts with new colleagues and clients are starting to improve. What has made it even more bearable is that I've got a vacation coming up! Next week, I'm leaving on my first cruise!  I'm leaving out of Miami on the Norwegian Epic and hitting St Maarten, St Thomas and Nassau. I cannot wait. I've been needing this break. I'm looking forward to the sunshine and being able to "switch off" completely - no cell phone, no computer, no work. I will be able to do whatever I choose.
Caribbean Blue indeed!

I've already been planning my knitting for this vacation. I plan on taking the linen lace I got from the fibre space stash club and making a shawl. It really is meant to be as the colorway of the yarn is "Caribbean Blue" and the shawl pattern is called "Seafoam."  It should be beautiful!  I'm also taking a pair of socks, the World Champ Sweater (which I still intend to complete by Opening Day!).

I haven't finished much for myself recently. The last thing I finished for myself were my Pomatomus/Mermaid Socks. They came out beautifully and I LOVE to wear them. I'm now a devotee of Wollmeise. I'm still working on the self-patterning socks. The spiral-y pattern I've picked is a little tricky, but it makes the knitted pattern interesting without taking away from the dyed pattern. 

The main reason I haven't finished much for myself was because I was making a bunch of things for my colleague, Donna.  Last month, we met up on a Sunday and I introduced her to fibre space. She fell in love with a hat in the window and bought me $100 worth of Spud & Chloe yarn to make it and whatever else I could make out of it. I wound up making her the hat, convertible mittens and a really long, randomly colored scarf.  They all turned out beautifully and look fantastic on her.

On a more serious note, my gmail account was hacked last week and a spam message was sent from it telling everyone that I was in London and that I had been robbed.  The perp set up forwarding to a yahoo account and changed my passwords. Thankfully, my friends were quick to alert me to the intrusion and facebook was able to disable my account before he/she got to it and I was able to get it back up again the next day. It was terrifying. I hope others can learn from this mess and take the time to change their passwords and make sure their security settings and software protections are in place.

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