Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Major Award!!!!!

Frah-jee-lay, that must be Italian!

Not this
Ok, so it's disappointingly not a leg lamp, but I did win an award! Actually, my team, headed by me, won an award. The Arc Aspicio Team won the Human Resources Leadership Award, Sister Eymard Gallagher Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for our Community Involvement initiatives. I can't tell you how much it means. I didn't think I'd ever be wrapped up in that kind of thing, but to be recognized for my efforts and those of my team by people who wouldn't know me if they bumped into me on the street. I had to give an acceptance speech and everything. It was so hard for me to not thank the Academy, God and all the little people who helped me get to this point! Ok, maybe it wasn't so hard, but I did give maaad propps to my team, Lynn Ann and the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. The big trophy we got is now sitting in the office, for all to enjoy. We also got a miniature version, which Lynn Ann said I could keep as a token of all my hard work and dedication to our Community Involvement Efforts. I'm still riding the high from Tuesday's award ceremony. I went with no expectations except free dinner and drinks, and walked away with an award! I knew I had been nominated, but I didn't know we had a shot!

 In other news, I went to the Glee Concert Last Thursday. It was AWESOME! I was a little far from the main stage, but my cares about that melted away when Mark Salling (aka Noah Puckerman) appeared on the second stage right over my left shoulder! I unexpectedly turned into a screaming fangirl. So unbelievable. I also swear that I was NOT the one who pulled Darren Criss into the crowd at the end, but I'm pretty sure the chick next to me would have if she had been closer to the stage.
Sue's going to be PISSED when she sees the New Directions used her confetti canons!
Anyway, now I'm headed for Virginia Beach. My brother-in-law retires from the Marine Corps after 21 years. Looking forward to a fun weekend with family.

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