Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th! Go blow something up!

For the third year in a row, I'm spending my Independence Day in Virginia Beach. It's pretty cool that it's been on a weekend the past few years. Next year, I'm going to have to stay put. :/
Ultimate summer picture, Elizabeth, 4Jul2009

It's my second time in Virginia Beach in as many weeks. Two weeks ago, I was down here for my brother-in-law's retirement from the Marine Corps. It was kind of a rough weekend because there were swamp fires down south and the smoke was aggravating my migraines. Obviously, some started again last night because my head has started to bug this morning. Good thing I have my prescription this time!

I'm not looking forward to the drive home, but hopefully most people are staying put and driving home tomorrow. Or staying home and watching the Firefly marathon on the Science channel! If I didn't have them all on iTunes, I'd be calling in sick tomorrow! 

One of the great things about this weekend is I got to see my nephew play in TWO of his little league all star games. He's so great! He's been playing first base and has been put in a few innings each game. His team is AWESOME! They won their first game 4-0 and their second game 7-something. Yesterday, one of the other parents commended the team on their sportsmanship and the quality of the coaches. They were absolutely right. Yates' next game is tomorrow and then on Thursday. He might not make the Thursday game, though, because my sister and family are supposed to go to a funeral in Florida.
We also went to the Tides game - they won by a lot. The fireworks afterwards were awesome!

As far as knitting, I had been trying to focus exclusively on my sleeves, but I eventually got bored with stockinette stitch. I decided to pick up the Frog Tree Meriboo my mom got me and start the Evenstar Hat. The pattern is fairly poorly written, but thanks to some other ravellers, I was able to figure out the band. It's a gorgeous cable and is popping pretty well in the purple blend. My sister also decided what she wants me to do with the Miss Babs Day at Punkin' Chunkin' sock yarn I got a couple months ago. She wants another rectangular scarf and she chose a tilting cubes type pattern. I'm feeling the sock itch again, too, but need to figure out what pattern I want to do.

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