Sunday, February 21, 2010

More vacation knitting

Thankfully, the weather down here in Key West has warmed up considerably since I arrived.  This makes me very happy that I have the light-weight Seraphim to keep my hands busy. I finished the replacement for the fair-isle fingerless mitt that I lost.  It's - unsurprisingly - better than the original.  It's much more consistent in the stitches, the seed stitching is tighter and the pattern pops a lot more.

I've make a couple more blocks on the entrelac baby blanket, but not a whole lot of progress.  That will probably be my big plane project for the trip home on Wednesday.

Today has been a lazy Sunday.  Unfortunately, I caught a cold within a day of arriving in paradise, so I've been sniffling and coughing for the past few days.  I think last night was when I felt the worst, so I slept in super-late this morning, which helped considerably.  I have been able to get some sun, so the vitamin D is kicking in to help fight off these nasty germs.  

I head off to the Dry Tortugas for the day tomorrow and the Seraphim Shawl is coming with me.  Hopefully I'll be out of the yo, knit across, yo knit yo, knit across yo part soon. It's getting a bit tedious.  I have 12 more repeats to go until I'm up to 247 stitches across.  Then the fun lacy part begins!

I **WILL** be visiting Knit Wits at some point on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully I'll find something very interesting to commemorate my trip.

(Pictures are from my outing at the Butterfly Pavilion).

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