Friday, February 12, 2010

New Groove - a knitting blog!

At the encouragement of my friends and colleagues, I decided to change the tone of my blog and turn it into a knitting blog/website.  I've been "commissioned" for many knitting projects over the past few months and "business" has really been picking up, even though I don't really charge to knit for people - I just ask that they supply the yarn.  I thought it would be a good way to get my name out there (as if!) and to showcase some of my projects.

One of the most recent commissioned projects I finished are the "pirate hats" for my niece and nephew.  My sister requested them and asked that I add ear flaps and braids.  The white one is for Yates, the red one is for Elizabeth.  I used Berocco Pure Merino Worsted in Black Magic, Snow Bunny and Cardinal. They were pretty quick knits and I finished them during the "Snowpocalypse" of 2010.  It was my first fair-isle project since finishing the "homework" for the fair-isle class.  For that reason, I'm pretty proud of them, even if Yates' hat is a bit big.  He's got a large head, anyway.

Stacey, over at asliceofconcentratedlove mentioned wanting a Spring Beret and some Irish Hiking Armwarmers in red.  I told her to go ahead and buy some worsted weight yarn that she liked the best and I'll make them for her.

On the needles:

  • Ruby Red in YarnLust's Better than Basic Sock yarn; Colorway: New York Yankees (variegated navy blue, grey and white)

  • Seraphim shawl in Miss Babs Yummy; Colorway: Sand

  • Rayne Wrap Cardigan in Cascade Sierra; Color: Kind of a bone-white
Coming soon:

  • Ysolda Teague's Lace-up Opera Gloves in Plymouth Royal Bamboo: Color: Seafoam Green

  • Handscmeichler (Hand-charmer) in Wollmeise Merino; Color: blue/purple variegated

  • Captain Hat in Lion Brand Thick and Quick; Color: Dark blue (stashbuster!)

  • Entrelac Scarf in Crystal Palace Mini-mochi; Color: Violets Rainbow 

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