Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

I'm not a big fan of April Fools Day, so you won't see any April Fools pranks around here.  I am, however, a big fan of spring and finishing projects, both of which have happened in the past week!

The flowers and trees are in bloom around the area and Washington DC is filling with Cherry Blossom seeking tourists.  Even though the ring around the Tidal Basin is definitely a sight to see, I prefer staying away from the crowds and just enjoying the cherry trees by my house.  I haven't gotten around to taking pictures yet, but I'll do that before the weekend.  Despite the havoc that is wreaked on my allergies and sinuses, I love when the trees bloom.  Spring is the best season ever.

Somehow, I was able to finish TWO projects this past week.  As my previous post states, I finished the Rayne Wrap Cardigan for my sister over the weekend.  Last night, I finished the entrelac baby blanket I've been working on for my friend, Abbe.  I put a crochet border around the edge to make it look more finished, though I think I did it too tightly.  Hopefully it'll loosen up some in the wash.  I'll take it down to my parents' house this weekend and run in through the washer and dryer to get it all clean and soft before I send it to Chez Macbeth.

I'm still working on the World Champion Cardigan and the Seraphim shawl.  They are more long-term, non-time-sensitive projects.  This evening I will cast on the Jabberwocky, the pattern that came with March's fibre girl club kit.  It will kind of look like this, but in a orangy brown color (it's called glazed pecan).  I want to get it done before the next kit comes out this month.

In unrelated, off topic news, check out Amazing But True.  My friend Elmo "James" Maxwell writes this for the UVa newspaper (he did his undergrad at UVa and is now a PhD candidate in the physics department).  It's pretty funny, and full of double entendre - the best kind of entendre there is!  A sample:

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