Saturday, April 17, 2010

le sigh

After a crazy week at work and multiple 9-10 hour days, it's finally the weekend.  Of course, it's not such a relaxing weekend as I've been procrastinating on a few tasks that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.  Of course, this weekend started off a little shaky this morning. I didn't really get to sleep in as both Rikku and my bladders had us up at 7.  After we were both taken care of, I went back to bed hoping to get a few more winks.  About 45 minutes later, I heard a horrid noise from outside - a dog fight.  Not at all how I wanted to start the weekend.  One of my neighbors has a pit bull that is still quite aggressive.  They were out walking and our friends Katelynn and Patrick(dog) were out as well.  The pit went after Patrick and put a couple puncture wounds in his leg.  Thankfully, I had just received Rikku's emergency preparedness kit - complete with first aid kit - last night.  I was able to grab it and patch up Patrick enough that Katelynn could get him to the vet.  I usually go back and forth on my views about pit bulls, but today swayed me more to the con side for sure.  Patrick is a sweet sweet year-old mutt puppy who wouldn't hurt a fly.  He's goofy and sweet and I really hope that he's not psychologically scarred from this incident.

Ugh...anyway.  Shaking it off and moving on to nicer subjects...kind of.

I finished the Sumptuous Cowl from the April fibre space stash club kit.  I'm not so happy with it.  It knitted up fine, and just as it should, but it's basically a big tube of super-bulky yarn.  I don't know how to wear it and it just seems to add bulk to my already top-heavy figure.  The yarn was pencil roving, so it's not like I can frog the project easily as roving breaks and frays very easily. If I can't figure out how to wear it, I might try to pawn it off on a friend or sew off the open ends, stuff it and make it a pillow. (NB: Roving is what yarn is spun out of.  When you see people spinning yarn, the fluffy stuff they're spinning is called roving. Pencil roving is thin unspun fiber - about the width of a pencil. You can spin it into plied yarn - usually a worsted or aran weight - or you can knit with it as bulky.)

The socks are coming along well.  I have completed the heel flap and turn and am ready to start the gusset.  I was considering trying it on my own, but I think I'll just wait until next Friday to attack it.  I may need some hand-holding.  The pooling of the colors has come out great - hooray for good self-striping yarn.  I did have a little bit of a problem last week with some yarn barf.  I had a HUGE tangle of yarn resulting from a poorly wound center-pull ball (wound by me, so it's my fault).  I wound up having to cut the yarn in a couple places in order to get it untangled.  I now have a nicely wound regular ball of yarn and only a couple places where I've had to splice.

I'm still working on the Seraphim shawl and the World Champ sweater - definitely two LOOOONG term projects.  I need to cast on the entrelac for Valli Shepherd and try out my Yankee mitts pattern! :)

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