Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This week has been the week of Startitis. From Knitwiki:
Startitis is a term used somewhat jokingly among knitters. It refers to an expensive, but rarely fatal affliction that often affects knitters and crocheters where they begin several projects all at one time but don't really make much progress on anything before starting another new project. 
This week, I have started the Entrelac Scarf for Valli Shepherd, the Soft Chocolate Shrug for me, and the Yankee themed fingerless mitts I designed are calling my name.  Not to mention, I still have to finish my socks, the Seraphim Shawl and the World Champ sweater.  I've been alternating between projects for the past few evenings. The lighter weight projects tend to make my hands cramp a little more, though they also have more stitches to work.  The heavier weight projects tend to go faster and it's easier to hold tension because the weight of the yarn helps pull the stitches tight.

Anyway, this means I have FIVE works in progress right now.  It's insane.  I think I'm doing it to keep from shopping.  Every time I feel like spending money, I start a new project instead.  I guess it's a good thing because I'm using yarn that is already in my stash and patterns that are already in my library.  It just means that I have needles all over the place.  Thanks to the KnitPicks Options set I got for Christmas, I haven't had to frog anything or hibernate anything for needles.

No pictures right now.  I need to take pictures my new WIPs to show what they'll look like.  For s&g's, here's the pattern picture of the shrug I'm doing. Mine's in a heather gray, though.

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