Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best team ever

Now for the non-knitting part of my blog title.

I got my Yankees Universe Membership Kit today and it's pretty awesome.  It has a hat, a porcelain travel mug, a bumper sticker, my membership card, a DVD of the series, a little portable speaker and a USB stick with tons of cool stuff loaded on it - all bearing the NY, of course.  Seeing the material on the stick brought back the feelings I had last November 4th: pride, excitement, chills.  I can't wait for this coming October!  So far, the Yankees are still pretty dominant, having reclaimed the narrow lead over the AL East.  Tampa Bay and Boston are close behind...only half a game behind, in fact!  I'm not nervous at this point, though.  The Yankees usually pick up even more steam after the All Star Break.  I'm excited that my mom bought Yankees/O's tickets for my dad for Fathers' Day.  We'll see them play during the September race to the playoffs.

As far as knitting, I started the Presto-Change-o Cardigan/baby sweater for my colleague.  I really hope she likes it.  It's knitting up fast.

And now, since a picture speaks 1000 words, her are a couple thousand words for you.

Yogi, Jill Biden and Michelle Obama.
Love a man who takes his parents on his celebratory parade.
Nick Swisher gets a pie in the face after a walk-off.

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  1. You're a little like that character in that Drew Barrymore/Jimmy Fallon movie. Except that you are of course a girl and a Yankee fan. But I'm almost positive you have Red Sox toilet paper somewhere in your apartment. :) BTW I love that pic of Yogi and the first and second ladies.