Friday, July 30, 2010

Bordering on Blog Delinquency

Been a while.  Things have been kind of crazy at work and I've not been doing much except for sleeping and knitting in the evenings.  The sad thing is, we've been doing a lot of busy work, so it's not like we have any real sense of accomplishment for all of the hours we've been putting in.  Hopefully that will change soon - we've actually got a legitimate schedule that we can plan to...FINALLY!  We've got realistic milestones!  thanks mostly to our newest teammate, an adorable Brit name Damon.  I'm especially glad he's working on the schedule, because that means I get to hear him say "shhed-ule" all the time.  Adorable.

In knitting news, I finished a great pair of pink socks for my friend Abbe.  They turned out beautifully.  I think they're my best yet.  I put them in the mail to her today.  I hope she enjoys them.  

I've got two more pairs of socks queued up.  One is a pair of navy blue ones for my mom in a pattern called "Lizzy."  It's got a diamond pattern going around the top, near the cuff, then ridges running down the length with more diamond patterns across the foot.  I saw my friend, Rosemary, making a pair a couple weeks ago and I knew my mom would love them.
The other pair is going to be my first attempt at "toe-up."  It's got some funky techniques to it, such as short rows and stitch wrapping, so I'll need support.  Good thing I'm attending the fibre space "Sock-in" tomorrow evening!  It's a lock-in from 7pm to 1am with sales on sock yarns, instruction/help on patterns, and the Indiana Jones movies.  I'm excited.  

Tomorrow during the day is my company's summer celebration.  We're having a picnic at the marinas on Washington Island.  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm going to set up a table where the kids can paint dog bowls and bandannas for the Search Dog Foundation dogs.  We're going to have a beautiful day, too!


  1. Emily, thank you again! I can't wait for my socks. It was so sweet of you to make them. I'll take a picture of them on my feet when they arrive!

  2. You have become a sock-making machine! I am so happy that I played a small part in your newest knitting obsession :)