Monday, July 19, 2010

Face + Palm, cont'd.

Upon my arrival to work this morning, I remembered what the biggest facepalm of last week was:

So, I'm in that meeting, where I accidentally hang up the conference phone.  While I'm in there, my client leaves something at my desk.  I come out of the meeting to find on my desk chair:
A printout. 
A printout of an email. 
A printout of an email she had just sent. 
A printout of an email she had just sent on which I was included. 
A printout of an email she had just sent on which I was included with a post-it saying "Please go on sharepoint and double-check my work."

And she is "trying to go paperless."  *facepalm!*  I'm just surprised it hadn't been stamped five times.

I can totally visualize how it went down, too.  She probably walked up to my desk, ready to ask me to go online.  When she saw I wasn't there, she walked all the way back to her desk (she would've had to have exited my cube area and badged herself back in across the hall), printed off the email, stapled the pages together - oh yes, it was a 2 page email a one page with 5 lines on the second page email, NOT printed front/back - wrote out the sticky, walked back to my desk (badging herself in again), and left the email just-so on my chair.

And, as a reminder, we're on the "Transformation" program, where we're trying to turn the paper immigration process into an electronic one.  I mentioned in a meeting one time that we should start transforming within the Transformation program and almost got boo-ed out of the room by gov't folks. *facepalm*

And I wonder why I have an eye-twitch.

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