Saturday, July 17, 2010

Face + Palm =

What a week.  

First, let's remember two great men:
Bob Sheppard was the iconic Voice of Yankee Stadium. His voice was, and will continue to be, uncomperable.  I'm very happy that Derek Jeter will use the recorded introduction every time he comes to plate.  Just thinking about it gives me chills.  I wonder if they'll also immortalize the "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Yankee Stadium," too.
George Steinbrenner may not have been the most popular man in the world, but he was a brilliant businessman.  I'm happy that when he passed away, the Yankees were on top and were the defending world champs.  I'm also very happy to hear about all of the stories that have started to emerge of his generosity.  A few people have come forward to share their stories of his donations - including a woman in Long Island who was critically injured as a child.  Mr. Steinbrenner stepped in and paid for her care, including an operation to insert a plate into her head.  He did so under one condition - that she never tell anyone about his gift. She kept the secret until last week.  Apparently he had similar agreements with the mayor's office in New York City surrounding many donations to the city's programs.

Ok, moving on.  Again, what a week.  It had been filled with many "facepalm" moments, but they've all run together.  I guess the biggest one was when I was in a conference call with a few Booz Allen folks and I went to unmute the phone to say something, and I hung it up.  Of course, this comes after all of the instruction and supervising I've given to my clients around hitting the right button.  I was so embarassed, but it was pretty funny.  

Another facepalm happened when I got home yesterday evening.  I fell asleep within half an hour of getting home, slept until about 7:15 or so, even though I was supposed to be at fibre space at 7 for the birthday week sales preview.  Thankfully, it was more of an open house event, so people rolled in before me and after me.  Phew!

As far as knitting goes, I blocked out the sweater and gave it to Lynn.  I hope the baby enjoys it.  It turned out really cute.  I also finished my Sunday Swing socks.  They turned out really soft.  I started on socks for Abbe - a pattern called "Fawkes" in pink Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn.  I also started on the gossamer triangular shawl.  I bought the pattern and the yarn during my trip to Key West. I thought I had the requisite size 15 needles, but had pretty much all sizes except for 15.  Luckily, I was able to pick some up at the shop yesterday evening.  It's a fairly simple pattern and it's going pretty quickly.

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