Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweater for a bay-beh

I've been dying to make this sweater since I saw my kneep, Amanda, make one a few months ago.  I decided to make it for my colleague and friend, Lynn, when I found out she's due to have a baby boy in September.  I put the finishing touches on it last night and it's ready to go.  I'm still going to make a few more panels for the front so Lynn can switch them out. I'm not overly happy with how the seaming turned out, but I don't think it'll matter in the end.  I'm wondering if I can blow it up and make one that's my size.  Lord knows I need the interchangeable panel.

After I finished sewing on the last button, I had to run as to not be late for the Cupcake and Cotton yarn tasting.  We tasted some yummy cupcakes from Lavender Moon including: flourless chocolate, peach mint, key lime and lemon vanilla.  Surprisingly, the lemon vanilla was my favorite, followed closely by the chocolate.  Key lime was delicious, as expected.  Wasn't a big fan of the peach mint, mostly because I couldn't really taste either flavor.  As for the cotton, we "tasted" Spud and Chloe Outer, Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy, Cascade Sierra, O Woll Balance, Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Dyed and Sublime Cotton Kapok.  I love Cascade Sierra - it's what I used for my sister's wrappy cardigan.  I loved the Kapok, too.  It's cable spun and very soft.  Now I have to find a project for it!!!

While I was at the shop, I picked up my July fibre girl stash kit.  It's great!  It's full of Blue Sky Alpaca Royal, a yummy squishy alpaca yarn, in a blue-violet color.  The special gift is some yummy-smelling coffee that also makes the yarn smell delicious.  The pattern is for fingerless mitts, but I might try to figure out another pattern.  I've got a ton of fingerless mitts. :)

Anyway, this weekend is going to be pretty low-key.  I have no plans except for Buzz tomorrow morning.  The rain this morning is relaxing.  I'm watching Pushing Daisies on Netflix, but I'll probably head back to bed for some hardcore napping! :)

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